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Kids In Balance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program, started in 2006, by local therapists.  We provide a broad range of individuals with access to therapy based activities, classes and structured programs developed and run by Speech therapists, assistants and volunteers. Kids In Balance is a place where children and families with any level of needs and any level of income can participate in therapy activities that are developed by skilled professionals. 

What will be Gained?
These activities were created to nurture and encourage the development of kids and families that need balance. Kids will gain the skills necessary to be academically and socially successful and the family will gain a better perspective on how to assist and cope.

Why are we here?
To reach the community and provide therapeutic programs and strategies to the majority. All children share a need for language, social, sensory and motor skill strategies to be successful in school and grow to be productive members of the community.


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