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About Us

We offer speech programs that focus on developmental skills that are necessary for success.

We take a fun approach to teaching functional skills!


Scout: 7 years old
He came to us in July 2014 in poor condition.  He was adopted our of a rescue by a young girl in May and when we got him, he was underweight with infection in all of his hooves. It took several months of rehabilitation to clear up the thrush and white line in his hooves and get him up to weight. During the rehabilitation process,  we began desensitization to things that we would use in therapy in hopes that he would be usable. He is our star.

Mr. Peaches and Cream: 12 years old
Mr. Peaches is a miniature horse who was adopted in May 2015. He came from a woman who took him out of a pasture where he had no care for 5 years. She worked to get his hooves healthy. It is believed that he was previously shown in miniature horse shows and trained to pull a cart. He is a great ambassador and helps make our new kids feel comfortable around horses.

Kai: 14 years old
He is on loan to us from one of our volunteers. He recently retired from a successful career as a cutting horse. He came to us this past June and has been recovering from a suspensory ligament injury.  We are now starting to desensitize him to the toys and games we play during therapy as well as the side walkers we use for sessions.

Burrito: 6 months 
Burrito is a donkey who came to us in June 2016 as a new baby. He was born in a cow pasture where his mother and aunt live. He is so sweet and has warmed up to people so much. He loves attention and getting brushed. He's been learning to wear a halter and walk on a lead rope. We are hoping that he will be trained for various therapy activities.


We are now accepting kids for our Equine Assisted Therapy Program!

Speech Therapy using Hippotherapy (the movement of the horse) as a strategy to facilitate trunk strength, breath support, coordination, motor planning, speech sound production and language.
Participation in this activity requires a doctor's prescription.
Please contact Jennifer at for details!


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