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Jorge Antonio was diagnosed with West Syndrome, a type of epilepsy. Although he has been seizure free for almost two years, the syndrome and his prematurity caused severe brain damages. He is turning 3 in August and even though he is still not able to do most of those things that we usually take for granted, we can see he has progressed a lot thanks to the different therapies. We were trying to get him into equine assisted therapy for a long time because we heard and read about its benefits. We feel so blessed, not only for finding one that is close to home, but also because the team of Kids in Balance is amazing. This is a great organization formed of people of great heart and very knowledgeable of what they are doing. This therapy has helped Jorge a lot with his head control. Furthermore, it is an excellent outdoor alternative far from therapy rooms environment. It involves all kind of stimulations and we can tell that Jorge is responding each time more to all of them. Unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance which is a show stopper for many families. However, we have been so blessed to count with sponsors and most of Jorgito’s therapies have been paid by their donations to this wonderful organization. We have no words to thank Kids in Balance team for donating their time and knowledge to this cause and sponsors for supporting with their monetary donations. I really hope more kids can benefit from this. I also want to thank Scout for his patience and kindness. He is such a great helper. I really love Jorgito’s smile when interacting with him listening to his horsy sounds and being able to touch and feel him in different ways.

Jorge's mom


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